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Wings of Life Gospel Church Intl

Nairobi, Kenya

Bishop Gerishon Njoroge

Works to feed the hungry and

spread the Gospel in Kenya.

Bishop Gerishon Njoroge

Over 800 people fed.

Over 100 new professions of faith.

Since March, as a result of food donations, over 1000 professions of faith have been made.  Discipleship classes are now established to offer additional training.

Wings of Life operates
the Rabboni Institute
training Kenyan Pastors. 


Rabboni Institute

First Baptist Church helps support these vital ministries to the people of Kenya both financially and educationally.

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Pastor Phil teaching at the Institute in Kenya

Teaching on the Trinity prepared for

Wings of Life Gospel Church Int

 Nairobi, Kenya

With only $15.00 us

Wings of Life can

feed a family of 5 for a week.


51% of their population lacks basic needs such as

nutrition, water, sanitation and housing.

Wings of Life shares the Gospel with every person they feed.

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