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11 AM Worship

301 Adams Street

Rochester, PA 15074


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Weekly Schedule
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Sunday: Prayer Meeting at 9:00 AM
in the Fellowship Hall

Sunday: Children Grades 1-6 Sunday School at 10:00 AM

Sunday: Youth & Adult Sunday School together at 10:00 AM
in the Fellowship Hall

Sunday: Worship Service at 11:00 AM

Tuesday: Acts Cancer Care at 6:30 PM
in the Little Fellowship Hall

Wednesday: Prayer Meeting & Bible Study at 6:30 PM
Each week, we meet in a different church family's home.
Please use the Contact Us button below for specific meeting location.

Upcoming Special Events
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Communion: Every First Sunday of the Month
Open to all those who place their faith in Christ alone for their salvation

FBC Missionary Ladies - For Website.jpg

Church Luncheon & Business Meeting: Every Third Sunday of the Month
Right after the worship service in the Fellowship Hall

Men's Fellowship: Every Fourth Sunday of the Month at 5:00 PM at
Eat 'n Park in Monaca 120 Wagner Road, Monaca, PA 15061


Do you have a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ?

What does that mean?

What is being "Born Again" ?

Why Is It Important?

Hear our beautiful pipe organ!

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