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Horse Rider

Barn Bible Study

Meets 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM every other Tuesday night at

At Ease Acres

135 Cosky Lane, Rochester, PA 15074

Discontinued Until Spring

Topic: TBA

You Choose the Topic!

If we're honest, we all have faith-based questions from time to time because life has a way of throwing curveballs that make us seriously consider what we believe and why.

Barn Bible Study exists to

  • Give people a safe place to ask any and all questions

  • Offer respectful Biblical answers to these questions

  • Provide a peaceful environment to study these truths (We literally meet at a horse farm!)

  • Fellowship as a horse-loving affinity group

As a gentle shepherd, Dr. Phil creates an atmosphere in which truth seekers can explore their faith seriously and honestly. If you would like more information, please 

August 17, 2021
How is a Christian to Act in an Unchristian World?
Study Notes

For more information about At Ease Acres,
please visit

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